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PC Security Top Five

Everyone seems to be doing top five and top ten lists these days, so I figured it’s about time I presented one of my own. Here’s my PC Security Top Five for home computers and home computer users:

1.  AVG antivirus. This is a best-of-breed antivirus program that is free for personal use. I’ve been using it for years.

2. Spybot Search & Destroy. Freeware. Anti-spyware/privacy protection. This is my main tool in the battle against spyware, and as of March 19, 2008, the program includes RootAlyzer anti-rootkit technology.

3. SpywareBlaster. Freeware. Blocks malware (see site for details). You need to update it periodically, but it’s transparent otherwise.

4. HOSTS file. The HOSTS file can be used to block unwanted sites and provides a constantly-updated list of sites to block. Complete details can be found by following the link. I’ve used it for more than five years and have never gotten infected by a bad site.

5. Security Now! podcast. Every week, Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte discuss security. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out on some of the best security advice out there. Tell ’em The Geek sent you!

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