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Clean Your Windows Registry

You may have noticed that your computer has gotten slower over time. Some people think that computers are supposed to slow down and become harder to use the older they are. These people will tell you that the only way to recover the performance of a new PC is to reformat and reinstall your operating system. This is a myth. Making your computer run like new doesn’t require reformatting or even reinstalling Windows. The number one reason that computers slow down is because of the registry.

The Windows registry is a huge database containing the computer’s configuration information, that is, the name of each program, where it is located, and any other relevant data. As more and more programs are installed, uninstalled, and modified, more and more entries get added to the registry. Eventually the database becomes so huge that it’s almost unmanageable, resulting in long access times that slow your system to a crawl. The solution is to clean out the registry.

The free Registry Risk report explains the most efficient ways to clean the Windows registry, what a corrupt or unorganized registry can mean for your computer, and other valuable information. If you’re computer seems to run extremely slow or crashes often, the solution is a registry cleaner.

Registry cleaners are programs which scan the Windows registry to find outdated, invalid, or empty data sets and delete or fix them. There are many good ones available and most of the ones I’ve tested are reliable and safe to use. Most of them are unlikely to mess anything up and can scan you system in as little as five to ten minutes.? For more information, you’ll want to get the free Registry Risk report.

After you get your copy of the report, you’ll be given to opportunity to get a free scan of your system registry compliments of Registry Easy.

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