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Tips for a Healthy Computer

Driver ErrorOur computers have become a mainstay in our homes and offices, and we rely on them to perform well to keep the rest of our lives motoring along at peak efficiency as well. One of the most common problems people encounter with their computers has to do with their drivers. These tiny bits of software are responsible for many of the communication connections within our computer systems. When communication is hindered, the entire system can be affected. We have some tips to keep your computer in top health by keeping your drivers in top form.

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First, make sure you perform periodic updates on your drivers. Just like the rest of your system, drivers need to be equipped with the latest and greatest technology to allow them to communicate effectively with the rest of your updated system. In some cases, you will know your driver is due for an update because your computer will slow down or a particular piece of hardware no longer works as well. However, it is best to perform updates before these types of problems arise, so maintaining a regular update schedule may be the best approach.

Next, make sure your system remains clean by removing unused and outdated drivers as necessary. Just like any other excess files cluttering your system, unused drivers can take up valuable computer space, which can slow down the performance of your system. If you have an automated driver program, this software will often remove these unwanted drivers automatically for you. For more about these programs, click here:

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Keeping your drivers working at top capacity makes a big difference in the performance of your PC. You can handle these tasks manually or invest in an automated driver software program that can take care of these jobs for you. Check out this automated program here:

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Forgotten Password? Password Card Can Help

Password CardOne of the things I come across all the time is the XP forgotten password problem. Running a close second is the router forgotten password. Well, there’s a handy password card you can get that will allow you to remember your passwords in the future.

Thanks to “A password reminder to carry with you” on the IT Trenches blog letting me know about this great little tool. This thing is a real winner for all those XP forgotten password issues. Now, when you get those calls like “I forgot my password for my ____,” you can give them something that allows them to write down password clues that are secure and also easily remembered.

You visit? http://passwordcard.org and it generates an unique credit card sized matrix like the one in the picture. Just pick a symbol, a color and a number of characters and you have a secure password. You have the option of creating a numbers-only area as well as including symbols into the mix, depending on the type of passwords or PINs you require. The default is upper/lowercase and numbers. If you lose your card you can get a duplicate by going to the site and entering the number that appears on the bottom of the card, so you might want to write that down and keep it in a safe place just in case.

There are several ways you can use the password card. The simplest way is to pick a symbol, color and sequence of characters from left to right as in the illustration. You would remember this, or write it down, as “spade green 8.” But notice that there are eight rows under each symbol. You could could choose the column under the diamond symbol and use the password JwdC4aGt. You’d write that down as “diamond down.” Reverse the order, and you might write it down as “diamond up.” In this case, the password would be tGa4CdwJ.

Have fun!

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