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My Computer Locks Up When I’m Downloading Files

Someone asked me just today about why their computer locks up when downloading files. Well, there can be many causes of lockups, especially when you are trying to get files from the Internet. For example, one person has this problem: “When i go to the windows updates site or they download in my system tray, at some point my computer locks up.”

Yet another person has this problem: “I have a good internet connection via my university. However my computer usually crashes when downloading from servers that I can get a good xfer rate from. Often when I download with a speed above 500 kb/s the computer locks up, the same thing can happen if I do several downloads at the same time even if they are going slower. What happens is that the screen freezes, I can’t do anything and I have to do a hard reboot.”

At this point, I don’t have an answer, but I will keep you posted, as I am researching the problem now.

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