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AT&T Bans Obscene Passwords

Besides the usual password complexity requirements AT&T now won’t also accept passwords that contain obscene language (as first noted by @janinda). This seems funny enough while harmless, however, is it?

This raises a question as to why it is necessary when passwords should never be seen by anyone but the user in first place.

Passwords are stored in the database in an encrypted form and they are compared during authentication in this form as well. Technically no one should ever see them.

Perhaps AT&T is afraid that in case of a hacked database a list of obscenities would be revealed.

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Facebook to Announce a New Smartphone?

To be exact Facebook is to hold an event on April 4th where they will reveal their “New Home On Android”. Rumor has it, it will be a modified Android OS version on an HTC phone.

This poses an interesting question. If it’s a Facebook phone we’re going to get, what kind of phone and who will use it?

Facebook is already available on Android devices as an app, however an integration like this where the phone itself would be focused on content from Facebook not only would make it more accessible but also be a big opportunity to collect a lot of data from the users.

Facebook certainly has motivation to release such a device, the question is if anyone needs it. We will see.

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Google Translate for Android Adds Offline Support

Google Translate app is a handy little tool when you’re traveling but in order for it to work you need an internet connection. But connection is something that can often be unavailable when you’re traveling, which makes the app unavailable right when you need it.

Not anymore. The app now has an option to download a database to your phone and can be used offline. Although this version is not as comprehensive as the online version, it will certainly do well with at least the basic phrases.

The new version is available for Android 2.3.

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Mozilla and Epic Games Have Ported Unreal Engine 3 to the Browser

And no plugins are necessary as the port runs entirely on JavaScript in Firefox browser. As seen in the video below the port runs smoothly without hiccups and looks nice so it will be interesting to see what games can be played right in the browser.

For this to work Mozilla has put together a highly optimized version of JavaScript and the port was made surprisingly fast – it took merely four days.

Mozilla is also planning to do the same for mobile devices.

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