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How to Improve Android Phone performance?


Users of Android Phone nowadays expect to improve their phone performance successfully. Individuals have to choose efficient ways available to improve their Android Phone’s performance. On the other hand, this is advisable to select the most successful approaches to utilize Android’s potential that supports multitasking across the latest and reliable applications.

It is time to kill unnecessary background apps.  This is because of background applications surplus to requirements not at all gives the best outcome. As a result, users have to close apps that they do not like to use further or without more ado. Among many apps to delete unnecessary apps, Advanced Task Killer app is very useful to everyone. This is because of this app has the best stuff to a list all running apps and lets users decide on apps that they like to close.


Even though users of Android can access their favorite Google services immediately, they fail to turn off some services like contacts and Gmail. That is why they unable to utilize their gadget completely. Once a person has a desire to turn off these apps, he can choose Settings and then delete all needles apps. Increasing users of this operating system throughout the world reveals the highest quality features and a reliable outcome. However, users have to give attention to many issues so as to reap expected benefits endlessly.

Some young people engage in apps that have a resource-hungry nature on the whole. As a result, they get degradation in their phone performance. This is worthwhile to know about Android phone, and phone’s potential to support apps before install any app.

Some users of phones not ready to listen to the latest upgrade issues. This is the main reason for why they fail to get benefits from the most recent firmware. Each update of Android supports users to make sure higher performance and speed than previous updates.


Beginners to social media networks like to engage in their favorite network always. They have to ensure that whether or not they turn off unnecessary background data. The main sources of these data arise from some social networks like Facebook that have a nature to download data continually.  Users have to select Settings > Data Manager and then deselect Background Data.

This is vital to prefer memory card with hi-speed nature. This is because of the highest quality memory card with maximum storage space only supports users to increase their phone performance.  The best options to choose memory cards are to select Class 6 and Class 10 memory cards to get better performance than previous update.


It is time to deselect live wallpaper feature. This is because of each live wallpaper requires efficient use of CPU cycles. When CPU gets utilized at maximum level, the battery power gets draw off quickly.

Users of Android phone can increase their phone’s performance beyond estimation. This happens when they turn off all animations and stop synchronization of any scale of data with Google Servers. On the other hand, they can prefer sync option whenever they want to transfer data to Google Servers.

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Iphone 6 rumors and upcoming features expectation


Many users of iPhone and other gadgets now look forward to knowing about features of upcoming iPhone 6 eagerly.  They feel affection for using the latest gadget with advanced features so as to reap lots of benefits beyond expectation. It is the right time to begin a step to be aware of some iPhone 6 rumors and upcoming features expectation. The main attraction about the upcoming release of this gadget is amazing features than the other gadgets in today’s market. As compared to many other issues about this gadget, its release date is outlandish. The main reason behind this issue is a failure of all predictions about release dates. Whatever rumors about iPhone 6 release date these days, individuals not fail to give attention to it every time. This reveals how people like to know about this gadget before its arrival.

Screen Size

images (1)

The first and foremost attractive issue about any brand of gadget is its screen. This gadget is going to have the largest screen size as compared to all other gadgets available nowadays. On the other hand, some rumors signify this gadget will have a 5inch screen size. Many manufactures give attention to their gadgets’ screen size. This is because of a big screen size only has the best stuff to grasp the attention of individuals mainly young people. Even though Apple failed to make a large-screen phone up to now, many people expect to use the best and favorable screen size of this upcoming gadget. In addition to large screen size, this gadget will have the best resolution, brightness, power consumption, white balance, portability, color quality and other essential factors relevant to a screen.

Operating System

images (2)

Many users of iOS 7 feel that iPhone 6 will have the same operating system to give lots of advantages to users again.  They want to get more than available features of the operating system in their iPhone 5S.  Some rumors in many countries increase the pace of spreading the news like this upcoming gadget will have iOS 7 or iOS 8. This gadget will launch with A7, Apple’s own processor with a dual core nature.

Other Features

images (3)

Iphone 6 will have a 128GB to give pleasure to every user with expectations on an easy way to utilize an advanced gadget advantageously. Lots of advantages of Near Field Communications technology in this gadget create a center of attention in the upcoming days. This advanced technology will enable users to take advantage of wireless payments, media playback and data transfers as efficiently as possible.

More than a few advanced features of this gadget will induce young people to prefer it as quickly as possible. This gadget will have the best built-in features to have power over other illuminating devices.  As a result, users of this gadget will feel that they are using advanced camera similar to that seen in some advanced professional photography studios. Many young users of the current iPhone like to get eye tracking technology in the upcoming gadget that gives them never-ending benefits and the best value to money.


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The New Asus Nexus 7

Recently I’ve bought the latest version of the Nexus 7 tablet by Asus. It’s been released in summer and it’s been a few months since it’s out on the market. From the outside it looks similar to the old Nexus 7 except for a few quirks. It’s got slightly bulkier edges and the dock pin connection is gone. Other than that it looks pretty much the same.

The computer itself is more powerful with a quad core processor and 2GB of memory. I’ve got the version with 32GB storage. It’s a very fast system and works snappy. Comparing it to other tablets on the market it’s one of the fastest, seeing most tablets still run on 2 core processors and 1GB memory.

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