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My Computer Battery Won’t Charge

Save for the battery, your laptop could probably last forever. An old laptop is not much fun because the old technology is uses. However, unless you encounter battery problems, your laptop is likely to keep working and work well for many, many years to come. The biggest problem is always posed by the batter and so if you ever say that my computer battery won’t charge, then that will be your single biggest problem.

It is a fact that laptop batteries basically last for a period of about three years after which the battery is no longer good or suitable or reliable. It will malfunction more or less after three years use. You will find that the laptop works for only 15 to 20 minutes on a fully charged battery which is an indicator the battery is playing up. If you cannot do about 15 minutes without recharging, then you need to replace your battery.

However, if you have not been using your laptop or battery for a long period of time, then it is important to conduct some tests just to find out where the problem lies. Then you will confidently be able to say my computer battery won’t charge. The first step is to attempt to charge the battery when the laptop is off. Also ensure that the AC adapter is working properly during battery charging.

Ensure the battery contacts are clean. If the battery was removed and has been missing for a considerable period of time, then consider cleaning the terminals as they may have accumulated impurities and dirt. A deep charge of the battery might be necessary especially if the battery has not been in use for a while. It may have drained completely.

Attempting all these different strategies and troubleshooting methods will help revive the batter and will enable you determine whether the battery is in good condition or my computer battery won’t charge.

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