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Computer won’t shut down? Need an offline virus scanner, anti virus bootable USB thumb drive, or free password strength meter? What is the best glass cleaner? Need cool Geek stuff? Want a free registry scan? Need the best free software? Ask the Geek!

Ken “The Geek” Harthun has been playing with geeky stuff since 1959 when he disassembled his first wrist watch. Unfortunately, as a six-year old, he didn’t have the proper tools and the watch was ruined. He had better luck a couple of years later when he managed to hook up an old phone he found in the trash as an extension in his chemistry lab.

In 1963, his father gave him a Digi-Comp I computer. Ken quickly mastered the binary programming and his life-long interest in computers was launched. He has been working with computer technology since 1973 and advocating sensible security practices since 1989 when one of his employees infected a company computer with the Stoned virus. He quickly isolated the infected diskette and implemented strict security policies to prevent future infections.

Ken is a professional writer and blogger, contributor to Search Security.com, IT Knowledge Exchange, and produces Ask the Geek, his personal blog. He’s a contributing editor for Dave’s Computer Tips, Security Focus section. Ken is currently working on his first consumer-oriented book on computer security.

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