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Q. When connecting to AOL I get the following pop-up: “AOL HAS detected an error with your connection to the internet. Please exit the AOL software, restart your compuyer, and then sign on AOL again.” Cannot connect to IE thru any links on AOL. Can receive and send emails.”

A. Thanks for your question. I have not used AOL since 1995, though I have friends who still insist on using it. I have seen this problem before and it is related to the “AOL Adapter” that AOL uses to communicate with its services. It usually means that the AOL Adapter is not properly installed or has gotten corrupted. You may have tried to go into AOL System Information–>Utilities–>Uninstall AOL Adapter, but you get an error message:”The AOL Adapter is currently not installed.” Fortunately, there is a fix. Go to and follow the detailed instructions there. That should take care of your problem.

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    Hello, thank you for this information. What do you then do if you are still having problems? I tried what you suggested on this page, and then followed the advice given at the address of the hyperlink (with no luck). This problem is strange, as I was using AOL 9.0 for years, not changing any settings on my pc, so there was really no reason for this to happen.

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