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There are times you wonder why the guys who produce viruses and malware cannot make better use of their time and skills. Let’s face it, life would probably be much better for these guys (and everybody else) if they will simply channel their creativity to more legitimate ventures. In the past few weeks, creators of malware have managed to come up with an invention called the Flashback Trojan horse. At the last count, over 600,000 Macs had been infected by this virus.

Somehow, we cannot but marvel at the ingenuity of the guys behind this virus. The Flashback Trojan horse can simply disguise itself as different software and ask the Mac user to install the program. By double clicking on the icon, the Mac gets infected. In other cases, this malware can take the form of a certificate signed by Apple Inc. if the user clicks continue, the Flashback Trojan horse installs itself and proceeds to harm the system.

In some cases, the virus can cause the web browser to crash. In other cases, malware can sniff out vital usernames and passwords. These include sensitive ones like the ones on your banking sites, e-mail and PayPal records. With this information, the hackers behind this virus can proceed to carry out some illegal activity on the account of people whose username and passwords they have stolen.

Fortunately, Mac users can now heave a collective sigh of relief. This is because Apple has made good on its promise to come up with a solution to combat the Flashback Trojan horse. Apple needs to be commended because the solution they have come up with is very effective and user friendly.

The Apple solution is a simple matter of downloading the latest security update. This will make you Flashback proof immediately. Another wise step will be to download F-Secure’s diagnostic and removal tool. This will wipe out all traces of Flashback and make the system clean and safe again.

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