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Is It Normal If My Headphones Get Hot?

Many people are wondering whether it is normal for their headphones to get hot. The answer to that question is yes, it is perfectly normal for headphones to become hot. If you have been using your headphones for a long period of time, they will most likely get hot. Additionally, your headphones may also get hot if you leave them in a place where they can be exposed to the sun.

Headphones can be quite expensive so you want to make sure that you take good care of them. Below are some tips for taking care of your headphones so that they can last a long time:

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Boogie Board: A Battery-Powered Notepad as Convenient as Pen and Paper

Boogie Board

Now this is a cool Geek gadget!

From Popular Science:

A new electronic notepad may be lifelike, cheap and energy-efficient enough to replace those wasteful paper slips we still use for memos and grocery lists. The four-ounce Boogie Board runs for years on a single watch battery and, thanks to a novel use of the material inside ordinary computer screens, even mimics the feel of putting pen to paper.

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I’m going to get one, for sure!


Nixie Tubes Are Beautiful


Thanks to the latest issue of Popular Mechanics, we Geeks who remember these things can get our hands on some beautiful, handmade digital clocks (kit versions are also available). Nixie tubes have a warm glow that produces an aesthetic that today’s digital displays don’t even approach. Check out Peter Jensen’s site, tubeclock.com and browse around. You’ll learn that,

The 1950s saw the advent of the Modern design aesthetic; clean lines, utilitarian forms, and the motto: "Less is More" (Mies van der Rohe). The Nixie tube made its debut in 1954, and provided some of the first digital displays for the latest scientific equipment of the time.  Once utilized primarily in research and military equipment, Nixies are now prized for their modern aesthetic.

Nixies went out of production in the early 1990’s, but there is some new, old-stock surplus available. Do a Google search on "nixie tubes" and you’ll see. By the way, if you want to own the clock shown above, it’ll set you back $495. Look at it as the work of art that it is.


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