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Satya Nadella To Be Microsoft CEO

satya-nadellaMicrosoft’s newest CEO will be Satya Nadella. He will be the famous company’s third CEO, with co-founder Bill Gates as the first and Steve Ballmer as the second. Satya Nadella has been with Microsoft for over twenty years, working his way up to becoming vice president of the Cloud and Enterprise sector.

His team was responsible for creating the world renowned Cloud Operating System, which is the software that is currently responsible for powering Microsoft’s large cloud storage services, such as Azure, Skydrive, and even Office 365. Under Nadella’s skilled guidance, the revenue that the company generated from cloud services grew by leaps and bounds over the past several years. In a personal email, Satya Nadella went on to say that he is honored by his role, and that his technology driven philosophy will shape his leadership. He will work with other experts in the company to reimagine a lot of existing technologies to make them more efficient, while providing additional functions.

Through his new leadership position, Satya Nadella plans on working through more user friendly devices and services that will be able to empower the individuals and organizations that make use of them. While many other software based companies may disagree with his assertion that only Microsoft is capable of merging hardware and software into applicable forms, many understand that Nadella must strive to reassert Microsoft’s position as a technological leader.

Near the end of the email, Nadella stated that he will follow with the rest of the One Microsoft strategy that was formulated under the previous CEO. This would include a massive reorganization effort so as to restructure the company to be more efficient in its sales and function. Many people are excited as Nadella will be working as CEO immediately, which will allow the previous CEO, Steve Ballmer, the option to retire early.

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Microsoft’s Two-step Authentication

Microsoft has been rolling out a two step authentication process for their products starting April 17th. A two step authentication process already employed by companies like PayPal, Facbook, Google, Apple, is a process that besides the user password requires a one time verification code that could be sent to user’s phone via app or text message.

Microsoft is rolling out this option to such products as Office, Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, and others. It improves the security against account hijacking and identity theft.

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IE8 Running Slow? Try This

Though I haven’t had any problems of my own, I know a couple of people who installed IE8 and then complained about it running very slowly, sometimes completely bogging down their systems. This type of behavior usually signals a problem with system resources, but thanks to Ed Bott over at ZDNet, there may be a simple fix. His article, “Is IE8 really fat and slow?” gives a simple command that may help (restart your computer after running the command):

regsvr32 actxprxy.dll

That re-registers the ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library, an obscure DLL that most people (even Microsoft experts) had never heard about. (Update: 27-Mar: Note that if you try this using Windows Vista, you must do this from an elevated Command Prompt window; type cmd in the Start menu Search box, right-click the Cmd.exe shortcut, and then choose Run As Administrator.)

According to Ed, when one of his colleagues did this, the results were stunning and IE8 was stable as well as performing faster.

Let me know if you’ve had any trouble and if this tweak helps.

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Microsoft Equips Individuals With New Training Resources Needed for Jobs

Elevate America initiative provides technology skills tools at no cost and low cost.

This is great news for anyone who wants to pursue a technical career. This is the kind of stimulus that will really make a difference!

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 22, 2009, Microsoft Corp. today announced a new initiative, Elevate America, which will provide up to 2 million people over the next three years with the technology training needed to succeed in the 21st-century economy.

Microsoft has worked for years with other businesses and community-based partners to broaden access to job opportunities through information technology education and training. Elevate America expands these efforts and provides immediate support in response to the current economic crisis in partnership with others in the public and private sector.

Elevate America has two main offerings, one available immediately and one that will be provided in partnership with state governments including those of Florida, New York and Washington.

A new online resource, located at http://www.microsoft.com/ElevateAmerica, is available today. This new Web site helps individuals understand what types of technical skills they need for the jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities of today and tomorrow, and resources to help acquire these skills. The Web site provides access to several Microsoft online training programs, including how to use the Internet, send e-mail and create a “sum”, as well as more advanced programs on using specific Microsoft applications….

If you would like to receive information when the Elevate America resources become available in your state, please follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/elevateamerica.

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