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Samsung Galaxy S5 – First Impressions – Wait to Upgrade?

Samsung-S5Reading the first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone may help you to decide if it is time to take advantage of the upgrade that you have been sitting on for quite some time now. If you have followed many of the Apple devices in the past, you are likely used to seeing the same thing released by a company year after year with very minor improvements made to the device.

However, this is far from what you will find when having a look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. This device will include a fingerprint scanner that provides an additional layer of security in order to prevent people from being able to easily go through your phone. Playing with your applications and looking at your photos may not be something that you want people to be able to do by simply picking up your device, the new sensor would eliminate these issues.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be a great device for someone that is interested in living a more active lifestyle. This device is water resistant meaning that you could fully cover the phone in water for up to thirty minutes without the need to worry about the functioning of the device. If you have ever dropped a phone into a puddle of water in the past, you know just how many problems this can cause. The design of this device is intended to help you avoid these issues by offering you simple protection from water. When you couple this with the redesigned back, it lends to a more comfortable all around experience every time you place the phone in your hand. The heart rate monitor and the beautiful large screen would be two of the features that you are going to find most useful when you get this phone into your hands.


Flappy Bird Fans Left Flapping In The Wind

flappy birdIt looks like the Flappy Bird game was just a flap in the wind. Even though the game was immensely popular, the creator of the game Don Nyguyen has decided to take the game down. While he did apologize to all the Flappy Bird fans, he did not state a reason why other than he cannot take it anymore. He told all the fans that he just could not keep the game anymore nor would he sell it.

Nyguyen has created many other games other than Flappy bird yet they are not being taken down and this keeps people wondering why. A game that since its creation in May has been downloaded more than fifty million times is being taken down, yet the other ones are staying put.

The game is really a very simple game that is similar to Super Mario Brothers. All you have to do is to guide the flapping bird through sets of green pipes by tapping on the screen. It is so similar to the Super Mario game it makes one wonder if someone else will try to clone the game.

Floppy Birds has been a great source of revenue for Nyguyen. It brings in over fifty thousand dollars from in-app advertising alone. It also has fifty thousand reviews in the ap store. With all of this going on why, would he want to pull the game? No one knows and he is not talking.

Maybe this goes to show that money does not buy happiness. The money the game is pulling in is just not worth all the headaches of keeping the game updated as well as working out all of the bugs. He must have just gotten tired of all of the emails against the game not to mention all the ones from the fans of the game.

For those of you who missed the game count yourself lucky as all of the others are going to be left just like the title of the game flapping.

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Google Announces Smart Contact Lens Project For Diabetics

googleDealing with diabetes is not easy. Not only does one need to shun anything sweet for the rest of his/her lifetime, which is excruciating for those with a sweet tooth, but one also risks developing other health problems if one does not monitor diabetes properly. Seeing the difficulties faced by diabetics, Google has come up with a project to create ‘smart’ contact lenses which can help diabetics monitor their blood sugar level. In other words, Google announces smart contact lens project for diabetics.

Why are contact lenses, out of all things, chosen by Google for this ambitious project of theirs? Well, scientists have found that tears are the solution for diabetics when it comes to tracking their glucose levels. However, it is a well-known fact that tears are hard to harvest and study, therefore it makes sense to use something like contact lenses in order to get to the bottom of the tear glucose mystery! Moreover, something as pliable and small as contact lenses are just the thing required in order to measure the glucose level with accuracy and precision.

Google has released the announcement about this project of theirs through its official blog, which has let to diabetics around the world rejoicing and in high anticipation of the product. According to a spokesperson, Google is in the process of testing smart contact lenses which can measure the glucose levels in case of tears with the help of a miniaturized glucose sensor which is embedded in between the two soft layers of the contact lens material.

Currently, Google is in talks with the FDA and some of the experts in this field in order to test prototypes that would enable them to get a glucose reading once per second. The FDA along with the experts are playing a pivotal role in helping Google figure out the best way to turn this idea into reality.

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Residents of the UK heed Networks Deal with 4G Interference to TV Signals


Fans of TV programs in the United Kingdom now pay attention to networks that deal with the latest issues from 4G. Many people all through the UK think about all the possible happenings because of thousands of $G masts in the upcoming days. They have to make sure about their TV services on time. Many companies like EE launched 4G mobile network in the UK. Users of the latest mobile gadgets get several advantages like faster mobile network’s browsing speed than 3G. On the other hand, many households now feel difficulty to receive TV signals properly.  Companies like O2 and Mobile now geared up to test their network in order to make certain on the subject of quality of their network that attracts potential customers within a short period.    Thus, these unfavorable issues give lots of obstacles to TV fans beyond doubt.

Close-up of TV remote control with sport on TV in the background

Even though some companies use the most suitable frequencies so as to not interfere with TV signals in the UK, many companies fail to take note of this issue expansively. Listeners to sports channels now feel difficulty to make a decision about whether they can pay out for their payable regardless of 4G issues or not. 4G services without proper guidelines never fail to affect the reception of each TV signal. As a result, it is too difficult to watch Freeview. Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd is a jointly controlled company of EE, Telefónica O2, Three and Vodafone.  This company is accountable to ensure about consumers keep on receiving clear Freeview TV signals after 4G mobile services.


Teenagers feel happiness to get advantages from the most recent development and potential development issues in 4G services throughout the United Kingdom. This is because of many reasons like an instantaneous access to services online as awaited. The best mobile broadband services on time support people of all age group. On the other hand, this is an imperative issue to ensure that no viewers lose their TV entertainment for any reason related to the roll out of 4G. Many mobile operators in the industry have a dedication to work together to achieve this issue successfully and beneficially.


Many users of mobile phones and fans of any TV program now take their time to analyze how they can get several benefits from the best reliable mobile connectivity. They can get the best that support from many ways like reduction in download time and an easy access Internet pages as quickly as possible.  Some companies announced on the subject of arrival of 4G services before December. On the other hand, these companies fail to ensure quality of 4G services that does not affect TV signal for any reason in future. Increasing base stations for 4G services increase problems to proper reception of TV signals. This is because of the power of utilization of frequencies by 4G networks’ services. Many householders prefer aerial to remedy any interference because of 4G network. Companies like EE now ensure about typical users of TV programs not get problems from any interference from 4G.


4g advanced technology will reach one billion populations in the year 2017


In the modern generation internet connection plays a significant role especially for business and organization people. With the help of internet connection detailed explanation of each and every thing can be attained just by single click. Few years before only with the help of wire net will be connected and that will not offer the service. To overcome this problem our technology has come out with wireless internet connection where individuals can make use of internet from anywhere. Today 4g becomes very famous and popular in the minds of people around the world because they offer great support and service when compared to other technology this technology can be made use of in mobile phone so this is the reason for familiarity. This offers the same facility as that of 3g but come out with still more effective and unique graphical features to grasp the attention of customers. With this latest advancement in internet technology internet users can feel two things one is the speed and mobility. By making use of this technology individuals can access net from anywhere and gave the users to move from home to office.


Plenty of things like wire, huge towers, and ending signals through air can all be avoided. Because of conveniences and the portability many numbers of people started to switch over to this service. This works like wireless router and this connection can be accessed anywhere from home. Smartphone users can access the net by making use of this internet connection even if they are on the top of their living place. This system acts like mobile tower as the entire city makes use of the connection. This fourth generation technology is much more advanced than third generation technology so this is the main reason why most of the internet users make use of this technology. The greatest pro behind this technology is get internet on go, super fast and good deals of internet technology. This comes like special USB hook where you can fix them in your desktop and can make use of them even in your mobile phone. This has the capacity to deliver signal to the greater extent. The speed of this technology is two times as fast as 3g technology so just soon after they click at the search they will get the details.


4g technology seems to be more helpful for the people who used to travel often for their business. Just by travel they can monitor their work every smoothly and peacefully with this high speed internet. Moreover things can be downloaded in short span of time. Even if multitask process is carried out speed of the internet will not get slow so one can get their work done in few seconds. In 3g when large numbers of window is opened users might feel that internet access very slow, so this has been overcome with this latest internet technology to make the online users to feel comfortable out of it. With the greatest advancement in this technology 4g will reach billions of people by 2017.


Boogie Board: A Battery-Powered Notepad as Convenient as Pen and Paper

Boogie Board

Now this is a cool Geek gadget!

From Popular Science:

A new electronic notepad may be lifelike, cheap and energy-efficient enough to replace those wasteful paper slips we still use for memos and grocery lists. The four-ounce Boogie Board runs for years on a single watch battery and, thanks to a novel use of the material inside ordinary computer screens, even mimics the feel of putting pen to paper.

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I’m going to get one, for sure!


Cool Tools Use New Ultracapacitor Technology

These two new products are a Tool Geek’s dream. Since I don’t yet own either of them, I’m going to let the web sites and pictures speak for themselves. Both of these tools are powered by ultracapacitors (aka SuperCapacitors) and both recharge in 90 seconds. Check them out!


(Click on the logo above for the website)

Coleman claims 500,000 charge cycles life on the power cell.
$79.99 plus shipping


Light for Life Flashlight UC3.400

“In just 90 seconds, your Light for Life” UC3.400 will be fully charged and ready to produce another 90 minutes of light. Flashpoint Power Technology system is rated for 50,000 charge/discharge cycles with virtually no degradation. That’s a charge a day for more than 135 years!”

$169.99 plus shipping (pre-order only–they’re not yet available)



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