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Cool Tools Use New Ultracapacitor Technology

These two new products are a Tool Geek’s dream. Since I don’t yet own either of them, I’m going to let the web sites and pictures speak for themselves. Both of these tools are powered by ultracapacitors (aka SuperCapacitors) and both recharge in 90 seconds. Check them out!


(Click on the logo above for the website)

Coleman claims 500,000 charge cycles life on the power cell.
$79.99 plus shipping


Light for Life Flashlight UC3.400

“In just 90 seconds, your Light for Life” UC3.400 will be fully charged and ready to produce another 90 minutes of light. Flashpoint Power Technology system is rated for 50,000 charge/discharge cycles with virtually no degradation. That’s a charge a day for more than 135 years!”

$169.99 plus shipping (pre-order only–they’re not yet available)



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