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Erin writes: I have a problem with my CD rom r/w drive. Suddenly it won’t eject any disks, except on a restart, and I have to hold the eject button in to do it. I’ve searched all the settings I can find in XP Home and can’t find why it’s doing this. The drive is working perfectly except for this issue. The button doesn’t seem to be a problem and I’ve watched the lights on the front when I hit eject-nothing no lights, but I can continue to use and write to the drive with no issues. Any ideas?

Erin, I have a pretty good idea that you are using drag-and-drop to burn files to the CD. If so, you probably have an open session that is keeping the drive in an active state. You can right click the application’s icon (such as Roxio DirectCD) in your system tray and select “close” or “eject” (don’t select “close” unless your disk is full, or you won’t be able to add any more files to it). Or you can open My Computer and right click on your CD drive and select “Eject”. Either of these options should let you swap out the disk. If not, and you are using Direct CD, check out this web site:

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