D-Link wireless network card won’t install


Harvey writes: I am trying to re-install my D-Link wireless card’s software; it was not starting as it was suppose to. After it asks for the location to install it to I get the following error: “Error:-1610 The configuration data for the product is corrupt. Contact your support personnel” and it closes. I tried the two latest updates, the original CD and my son’s CD with the same result. I deleted all references I could find to D-Link in the registry. D-Link support was no help.

You were right to look to the registry, Harvey, because the problem is surely an empty or corrupted key. However, the hardware being installed may not identify itself by name, so you may not be able to locate it easily. Rather than try to dig into the depths of the registry, I recommend you use a good registry cleaner. PC Tools’ Registry Mechanic is one of the best around. After you run the scanner and clean up what it finds, try reinstalling your hardware. I bet it’ll work. Many hardware and software problems have their root in corrupted or missing registry keys. Whenever anyone describes “strange” computer problems to me, one of the first things I do is clean up the registry. Most of the time, the problems disappear.

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