Dave’s Computer Tips has a new writer – me!


I’m proud to announce that Dave Hartsock of Dave’s Computer Tips has graciously invited me to write the Security Focus section of his excellent newsletter. Dave has done a great job of putting together a wealth of content. Check out this lineup from the November 1, 2007 issue:

#1 – Newbies Nook – Information for those who are new to computers and computing.
#2 – Problems in Paradise – Answers to reader problems and questions.
#3 – Security Focus – Computer Security by Kenny Hart.
#4 – Getting Starting with Linux – David Kopp points the way.
#5 – Creating Nested Tables – Carol tells us how to do it in Word and OpenOffice Writer.
#6 – My Recommended Software – Need software? Check this list first!
#7 – Useful Freeware – Useful programs that you may find useful. Did I mention they’re free!
#8 – Useful web sites – Websites I’ve visited lately that you may find useful.
#9 – The Lighter Side – Some humor to lighten your load!
#10 – Odds and Ends – A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Recently, I had a long conversation with Dave and I can tell you that besides just being an all-around nice guy, he definitely has your interests in mind. He’s committed to providing the best information he can on a regular schedule.

It would be great if all of you wonderful Ask the Geek fans would hop on over to his site and subscribe to his newsletter.

And while you’re at it, take a moment to sign up to get my latest posts via email. That way, if you forget to check the site, you won’t miss out on the latest info.

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