Does Anyone *Really* Know What a Geek Is? (Does Anyone Really Care?)


When I started this blog a couple of years ago, I had no idea of the changes it would make in my life and the lives of many of my readers who have “asked the Geek.” Not a week goes by without my receiving comments or emails like these:

Yes, yes, Kenny Hart,

It works pretty good. And computer shuts down properly as it should, now !

You ARE THE Genius !


Thanks for the help, it did the trick ! ! ! !

Awesome Geek – your new name lol

I’m always glad to see these of course, but I realized that since 99% of the questions I receive are about computer problems, most people associate Geeks with computers.

But, wait! Geeks are into everything, remember?

GEEK – (1) The name given to scientifically savvy folk; (2) A person who is interested in learning and becomes deeply involved in their interests.

Doesn’t say computers are the only thing Geek, does it? You have bowling Geeks, cooking Geeks, science Geeks, almost any kind of Geek you can think of if the person is really interested in something. I realize that the perception about this blog is my fault; most of what I write about here is computer related.

I’m going to change that. After all, my own interests extend far beyond computers and so do yours.

So, be prepared to see me embark upon finding out such things as what is the best curry powder blend, evaluating micro-fiber rags, how to build a tesla coil, anything and everything if it interests me–or you.

And I hope that we all learn something in the process; that’s what it’s about, after all.

The Geek

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