Feds Claim to have Nailed "King of Spam"


According to this ABC news story, 27-year-old Robert Alan Soloway arrested in Seattle yesterday. They claim he’s one of the world’s biggest spammers, sending out millions of spam e-mails using computers he has hijacked and turned into “zombies” — computers that have been taken over by a hacker without the knowledge of the owners.

Will this really mean less spam in your inbox? Maybe, but don’t hold your breath. It may slow down for a little while (I’ve noticed a decrease today), but someone else will fill the hole. Guaranteed. All the laws and arrests in the world won’t deter criminals from chasing easy money. If only one e-mail out of 10,000 results in a sale, the spammer is probably making tons of money. If he sends out 10 million emails, he can expect 1000 sales.

The only solution to the spam problem is to take the profit out of it. The only way that’s going to happen is if people stop buying the stuff the crooks are pushing. That’s not likely.

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