Flappy Bird Fans Left Flapping In The Wind


flappy birdIt looks like the Flappy Bird game was just a flap in the wind. Even though the game was immensely popular, the creator of the game Don Nyguyen has decided to take the game down. While he did apologize to all the Flappy Bird fans, he did not state a reason why other than he cannot take it anymore. He told all the fans that he just could not keep the game anymore nor would he sell it.

Nyguyen has created many other games other than Flappy bird yet they are not being taken down and this keeps people wondering why. A game that since its creation in May has been downloaded more than fifty million times is being taken down, yet the other ones are staying put.

The game is really a very simple game that is similar to Super Mario Brothers. All you have to do is to guide the flapping bird through sets of green pipes by tapping on the screen. It is so similar to the Super Mario game it makes one wonder if someone else will try to clone the game.

Floppy Birds has been a great source of revenue for Nyguyen. It brings in over fifty thousand dollars from in-app advertising alone. It also has fifty thousand reviews in the ap store. With all of this going on why, would he want to pull the game? No one knows and he is not talking.

Maybe this goes to show that money does not buy happiness. The money the game is pulling in is just not worth all the headaches of keeping the game updated as well as working out all of the bugs. He must have just gotten tired of all of the emails against the game not to mention all the ones from the fans of the game.

For those of you who missed the game count yourself lucky as all of the others are going to be left just like the title of the game flapping.

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