Fun with Windows XP desktop


Rick writes: I just made the most amazing discovery and I had to tell someone who could tell someone else. Remember 3d posters and pictures where you had to cross your eyes and look behind the page, and an image would float in 3d??

I am running XP and I use Blue Lace 16 as a desktop background. If you relax your eyes and look through the screen to place one sector on top of another, the desktop goes 3d, and falls about 2 inches into the screen, and the icons float on top in mid air. Spooky….

Yessir, I remember those 3D posters; they were pretty popular in the 80’s as I recall. Some people couldn’t see the hidden objects in them, but I never had any trouble. I tried Rick’s suggestion and, sure enough, 3D effects! Anyone know of any other backgrounds like this one?

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