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The need of technology is increased and the technologies are used by the people to get the luxurious life. The Tab is a kind of smart phone which has the complete feature of the computer. People in the most developed technological world love this tab which is also called as tablet. This tablet provides all information to the people through the internet. The nexus is the mobile phone which operates by using the android software. Nexus is manufactured by Google with other manufactures. The nexus has many versions and nexus 5 is one of the versions of the nexus. The nexus 5 is the upcoming version of the nexus and it has more advanced features than the previous nexus versions. This version is most expected version and many people are interested to buy this nexus 5. The price of the nexus 5 is expected at low price and this nexus 5 will beat the other nexus phones.


The nexus 5 has the processor of snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz. Then memory range is 2 GB RAM. The features of this processor are very attractive and the nexus 5 is manufactured with user friendly. Then the screen is the important one which gives the elegant look to the phone so the nexus 5 screen has the 4.95” inches and 1080p. This nexus 5 is manufactured based on the LG G2. Then the camera should be attractive to take the impressive pictures in your mobile and the camera of this nexus 5 has the most advanced features than previous nexus. The nexus 5 camera has 8 MP and it uses the MEMS camera technology. By using this camera, the people can capture the pictures with excellent clarity and it has the options to modify the pictures according to your own design. The phone is used continually so this must have long lasting battery condition. The nexus manufacturers provide the nexus 5 with wireless charging and the battery range is 2,300 mAh.  This phone is work many hours than you expect.


The recent versions of the phones are having the best sensors and wireless options. So buy this nexus 5 to get the sensors of gyroscope, pressure, compass, accelerometer, proximity and ambient light. Then this phone has the feature of wireless and it uses the NFC, LTE and Bluetooth 4.0. Enjoy the extraordinary features of the nexus and make your life to the next level.


This Google nexus 5 will be released in November, 2013. The nexus 5 phones will release in the online mobile shops so people can easily buy the nexus 5 in online. The previous nexus versions were provide the promising features and quality so the people are expect to buy this most trusted product for their trendy world. The nexus satisfies the each generation of the people and this nexus means to series of connection so this nexus will satisfy our future generation people also with the new phones. The nexus going to make trendy experience so buy this phone. The nexus will be available in every mobile shop. Have a great nexus experience with the Google nexus 5.

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