Google Announces Smart Contact Lens Project For Diabetics


googleDealing with diabetes is not easy. Not only does one need to shun anything sweet for the rest of his/her lifetime, which is excruciating for those with a sweet tooth, but one also risks developing other health problems if one does not monitor diabetes properly. Seeing the difficulties faced by diabetics, Google has come up with a project to create ‘smart’ contact lenses which can help diabetics monitor their blood sugar level. In other words, Google announces smart contact lens project for diabetics.

Why are contact lenses, out of all things, chosen by Google for this ambitious project of theirs? Well, scientists have found that tears are the solution for diabetics when it comes to tracking their glucose levels. However, it is a well-known fact that tears are hard to harvest and study, therefore it makes sense to use something like contact lenses in order to get to the bottom of the tear glucose mystery! Moreover, something as pliable and small as contact lenses are just the thing required in order to measure the glucose level with accuracy and precision.

Google has released the announcement about this project of theirs through its official blog, which has let to diabetics around the world rejoicing and in high anticipation of the product. According to a spokesperson, Google is in the process of testing smart contact lenses which can measure the glucose levels in case of tears with the help of a miniaturized glucose sensor which is embedded in between the two soft layers of the contact lens material.

Currently, Google is in talks with the FDA and some of the experts in this field in order to test prototypes that would enable them to get a glucose reading once per second. The FDA along with the experts are playing a pivotal role in helping Google figure out the best way to turn this idea into reality.


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