Google Bans Chrome Extensions Purchased to Deliver Adware


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Add to Feedly and Tweet This Page are two of the most popular extensions for the Google Chrome Browser, they have made it easier for users to share information online. The simplistic function and ease of use have a great deal to do with why they have become so popular with people all around the world. However, these extensions have become a problem for users looking for a clean and problem free experience when using a web browser. Subjecting users to pop ups and ad ware has resulted in removal from the Google store. It is very likely that the developers of these extensions did not engage in the creation of the extension for the original purpose of serving advertisements to users without their knowledge. Instead, this likely came as a result of the extensions being picked up by other companies and turned into a source of revenue at the expense of the user.

It is very likely that these are not the only extensions that attempt to serve advertisements in a way that harms the user. In fact, we are likely to see the removal of additional extensions over the next few weeks. In the event that you have noticed a computer slowing down without a hint of what may be going on, it may have to do with the extensions that you are using in order to add to your Google Chrome experience. If this is the case, you may want to remove the extensions that you have been using in order to see if it gets rid of the problem. If you discover an issue, reporting it to Google would be the best course of action. Reading Google bans Chrome extensions purchased to deliver adware is a simple way for you to say informed and avoid the unwanted influx of advertisements at the same time.

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