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Iphone 6 rumors and upcoming features expectation - Ask the Geek Ask the Geek

Iphone 6 rumors and upcoming features expectation



Many users of iPhone and other gadgets now look forward to knowing about features of upcoming iPhone 6 eagerly.  They feel affection for using the latest gadget with advanced features so as to reap lots of benefits beyond expectation. It is the right time to begin a step to be aware of some iPhone 6 rumors and upcoming features expectation. The main attraction about the upcoming release of this gadget is amazing features than the other gadgets in today’s market. As compared to many other issues about this gadget, its release date is outlandish. The main reason behind this issue is a failure of all predictions about release dates. Whatever rumors about iPhone 6 release date these days, individuals not fail to give attention to it every time. This reveals how people like to know about this gadget before its arrival.

Screen Size

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The first and foremost attractive issue about any brand of gadget is its screen. This gadget is going to have the largest screen size as compared to all other gadgets available nowadays. On the other hand, some rumors signify this gadget will have a 5inch screen size. Many manufactures give attention to their gadgets’ screen size. This is because of a big screen size only has the best stuff to grasp the attention of individuals mainly young people. Even though Apple failed to make a large-screen phone up to now, many people expect to use the best and favorable screen size of this upcoming gadget. In addition to large screen size, this gadget will have the best resolution, brightness, power consumption, white balance, portability, color quality and other essential factors relevant to a screen.

Operating System

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Many users of iOS 7 feel that iPhone 6 will have the same operating system to give lots of advantages to users again.  They want to get more than available features of the operating system in their iPhone 5S.  Some rumors in many countries increase the pace of spreading the news like this upcoming gadget will have iOS 7 or iOS 8. This gadget will launch with A7, Apple’s own processor with a dual core nature.

Other Features

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Iphone 6 will have a 128GB to give pleasure to every user with expectations on an easy way to utilize an advanced gadget advantageously. Lots of advantages of Near Field Communications technology in this gadget create a center of attention in the upcoming days. This advanced technology will enable users to take advantage of wireless payments, media playback and data transfers as efficiently as possible.

More than a few advanced features of this gadget will induce young people to prefer it as quickly as possible. This gadget will have the best built-in features to have power over other illuminating devices.  As a result, users of this gadget will feel that they are using advanced camera similar to that seen in some advanced professional photography studios. Many young users of the current iPhone like to get eye tracking technology in the upcoming gadget that gives them never-ending benefits and the best value to money.


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