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(Well, maybe not just a Tekkie Tool; it’s quite a useful tool for anyone to carry on a thumb drive.)

If you have ever had to read a PDF file on a PC that doesn’t have a PDF reader installed, then Foxit Software’s Foxit Reader is for you. At less than 3MB installed (a single executable file), Foxit Reader is a lean, mean, PDF-reading machine. Compare this with 10-20MB just to download Adobe reader. Don’t get me wrong, I use Adobe’s products on all of my systems; but I also work on systems in secure networks where I don’t have authorization to install software without approval. And since I carry lots of documentation and troubleshooting checklists in PDF format on my USB thumb drive, I’m stymied when I come upon one of these systems.

But not anymore; with Foxit Reader residing on my thumb drive, I can open and look at any PDF file I want. Foxit Reader runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003 and is extremely easy to use; just double click it to start and then click the open button to open your PDF document. You can also print the document, save as, and do just about everything you would expect. Using the Typewriter tool, you can even type in the document, but you can’t save what you typed, unless you buy Foxit Reader Pro ($39).

Foxit Software carries other related products, including a PDF Editor that is a lot less expensive than mainstream products. Check ’em out; tell ’em The Geek sent you.

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