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In response to my article, “Don’t bookmark it–Furl it!”, Wally wrote to say I should try Clipmarks. So, I went to the site and watched the demo. Unlike Furl and Spurl, which store entire web pages that you have bookmarked, Clipmarks lets you select and save snippets of text, photos or other graphics off a web page; you clip and save just the stuff you want from any web page. I’ve been saving clips and quotes into notes for years, but it’s cumbersome to manually copy-and-paste the stuff and I still have to either type in or copy-and-paste a link to the source. Clipmarks automatically stores the source URL with your clipping.

Like the other services, Clipmarks lets you add tags (keywords), comments and share your clipmarks with friends. Your clipmarks are private unless you choose to share them. There’s a Public Clipmarks section where you can search and see what others are clipping and who the clippers are. You might soon find some of the stuff I’m clipping because I’m off to sign up. See ya on Clipmarks!…K

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  1. Wally says:

    Glad you liked it. I also enjoy using blinklist. Not sure if you’ve reviewed it or not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Clipmarks is great, and they’re at their beginning. what separates tham from the rest of the social bookmarking club is that they are backed by nice software, and the clipped content itself is stored centrally. One downfall is that I wish i were able to clip movies and flash stuff. But it doesn’t take a tech genius to figure out why these kind of bandwidth hogs are being blocked for now.

    I also use blinklist and love it. Better than delicious, but in a totally different ballpark from clipmarks. If clipmarks can make the bookmarking component a more central feature of their service, there may not be a need for these other services in mid 06.

  3. eric goldstein says:

    Hey, eric goldstein here, co-founder of Clipmarks. I wanted to let you know that we just released a whole bunch of new features on the clipmarks site. An overview of them is here: http://clipmarks.blogs.com/clipmarks/2005/12/new_stuff_in_cl.html
    I hope you like them and look forward to hearing your feedback!

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