My emails are gone!


Q. Please help me! All of my emails are gone. My computer died. The computer guy replaced the power supply and that fixed it, but when I go into Outlook, all of my old emails are gone; all I can see are the emails that came in today. They were all there just a few minutes ago on the laptop I used to log into Outlook.

A. Ah! There’s the problem. You can relax; your emails didn’t disappear, they’re just where you can’t see them. The laptop you logged onto was set to use “Personal Folders” as the mail destination. When you logged into Outlook, all of your emails were downloaded into a special file on the laptop’s hard drive. They are no longer on the server, so you can’t see them. If you ever have to access your email from a machine other than your own, the safest way is to log into the Outlook Web Access; that way, all of your email stays on the server.

[I fixed her problem by logging onto the laptop and copying the emails from the Personal Folders back to the Mailbox on the server.]

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