New Zonbu Laptop: Affordable, Green, Hassle-Free Computing


small_zonbu_notebook_front_1 I just found out that Zonbu is announcing a new Zonbu Notebook (see photo), so Zonbu fans can be green and hassle-free on the go. Like the Zonbu Mini Desktop, the Zonbu Notebook is based on the same principles of hassle-free, environmentally friendly, and affordable computing.

Let’s take a look at what Zonbu has to say on these three points:

Hassle-free: The Zonbu Notebook works right out of the box. It includes 20 best-of-breed software applications, free automatic software upgrades, generous online storage, remote file access and sharing, automatic data back-up, unlimited online tech support, and free hardware replacement in case of damage.  Best of all it eliminates the need to spend any time on managing the PC, or spending money on anti-virus packages, back-up storage or firewalls.

Environmentally Friendly: The Zonbu Notebook uses less energy, reduced use of hazardous materials like cadmium and mercury, offers free recycling/take back programs and responsible packaging, meeting the EU?s strict RoHS standards and earning the Zonbu Notebook a Silver EPEAT rating.

Affordable: The Zonbu Notebook starts at $279 with a $14.95 monthly subscription fee with the same acclaimed hassle-free plan as the Zonbu Mini Desktop.

Having reviewed the Zonbu Mini Desktop, I have to agree it’s definitely hassle-free. In fact, it’s so easy, a seven-year-old can use it right out of the box (See my article at Ask the Geek, Too). I fell in love with it.

Now, we’ll see about the Zonbu Notebook–they’re sending me a review unit today. So, stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it. (Chances are, I’ll fall in love with the notebook, too.)

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