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I recently had the pleasure of having a conversation with Eric Sivilla,
Acoustic PC Specialist and owner of – the leader in quiet PC cooling solutions. Eric knows his stuff when it comes to quieting down a noisy PC and he’s also quite a nice fellow, so you can be confident in doing business with him.

I never paid much attention to the noise coming from my PC, I just figured that’s the way it is and put it out of my mind. But when I decided to record some of the songs I’ve written, I was dismayed to discover that I could hear the PC noise in my recordings.

Where does all that noise come from? A lot of it comes from the cooling fans on your CPU and power supply. Some high-performance PCs also have a cooling fan on the video card and there may be another fan in the front or back of the case that draws outside air in. Your hard drive is also a noisy beast and difficult to silence, until now.

Check it out, will you? Eric has solutions for the most demanding quiet cooling applications including hard drive silencers, silent cases, acoustic case insulation, you name it. Here’s that link again:

Tell him The Geek sent you.

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  1. Sean Perry says:

    i always prefer to use brushless cooling fans because they last longer and needs less maintennance;:’

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