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Nokia Postponed Their Plan of Developing Android Gadgets - Ask the Geek Ask the Geek

Nokia Postponed Their Plan of Developing Android Gadgets


There is always a grace among the people for android mobile phones. This is because they are the best environment to work and play the mobile apps. The android is the safest mobile operating system also flexible and easy implementable for many gadgets. Mobile developers focusing on developing the android gadgets which helps the people to solve their small business need. Surprisingly, a report from Nokia says they planned to design and develop the smart phones on the growing platforms like Android. It is really awful news for Nokia mobile users.


Various apps software and mobile gadgets designed and implemented for mobile devices. This is because, people are handling mobile phone frequently and easily when compared with computers. Mobile gadgets designed by various tools and different platforms. Some of the applications only compatible with the other entire platform but this may lead to security breach. The only mobile OS which used by most of people for its security purpose is Android. None other operating systems get this much attention within the short period. There is no doubt about the security issues about this Android.


Initially android gadgets used only in specific mobile devices like Samsung. Nowadays, Nokia phones are also trying to implement these operating systems on their mobile module. Simply embed the android module and offering various gadgets it easily available to all mobile users. Also, it will be very safe to working with most secured android on strong flexible Nokia phones. Since the recent changes in the software and mobile phone market like Microsoft acquisition on the Nokia mobile phones and various issues, they decided to develop the seven inch Nokia smart phone that developed in the android platform. In real fact, there is no such planning on those ideas. This is because the Nokia does not have the budget or sufficient resources to develop the android mobile phones or smart phones. Another report says that Microsoft not interested to continuing the plan of android smart phones. It makes upset among the people who strongly believe and expect the Nokia’s android phone. However this decision may be changed based on the requirements and current business environment. One may expect the Normandy which is the android based Nokia smart phone in the upcoming year 2014.


 Instead they decided to issue the wearable automobiles or utilities. That is they planned to release the android gadgets in wearable glasses and watches. One may expect release of these products in the upcoming year 2015. Nokia planned to release the products in the field of automobile parts computing that is wearable electronic components like smart glasses, watches, flexible displays and wireless power transmission along with electromagnetic energy generation. The planning of android smart phones or mobile phones postponed for some unknown period of time. When the time has come, one may expect the android gadgets and the seven inch smart phone Normandy available in all stores. Still, one must waits with lot of patience in order to see the Nokia with android gadgets.


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