Smartphones Outnumber “Dumb” Phones for the First Time Ever


The sales numbers of the first quarter of 2013 show that of all mobile phones shipped out by manufacturers, 51.6% were smartphones. For the first time in history more smartphones were shipped than feature phones, reports IDC.

This shows an obvious trend in mobile phone usage. People no longer want a phone just to call and send text messages, they want a computer in their pocket.

The report also shows that Samsung is the leader among all (smart and feature) mobile phone manufacturers having a 27.5% market share, which is more then the next four competitors combined (Nokia with 14.8% and Apples with 8.9%, followed by LG and ZTE).

It’s important to note, though, that Nokia holds this market share primarily in the “dumb” phone market, as their smartphone market share is below 4%. So while they have lost the smartphone battle, they’re very well competing in the feature phone market mainly by focusing on emerging markets in developing countries.

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