So, what IS the best glass cleaner?


Curiosity got the best of you, eh? I knew that blurb about washing windows all day to find the best cleaner would make you wonder. People hate cleaning windows and I think it’s because you can never get them clean; that is, not if you use that stuff you buy at the store (begins with a W). It always leaves streaks, no matter what you do. That’s because it has a wax in it that’s supposed to make the windows sparkle, but really just forces you to wear your arms out trying to polish the glass. Forget that! I want to spray, spread, squeegee and be done with it.

The best window cleaner is 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. Dawn (regular) brand dish liquid per quart of water. Use the smaller amount for normal cleaning, the larger for tough, greasy or nicotine-stained windows. Believe me, it cuts through everything. It’s all I use. And you’ve probably heard this before, but newspaper IS the best thing to use on windows. If you spray the cleaner on, use newspaper to spread it. Then squeegee and touch up by polishing with a dry sheet. You’ll get some ink on your fingers, but you’ll have sparkling clean glass.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been cleaning cars for 25 years now, and actually own my own business. I’ve used all of the glass cleaners out there, and only three meet my standards. 1) Vista Cleer, Chase Products 2) Sprayway and 3) Invisible Glass, Stoner. Vista Cleer is the best glass cleaner in the world. It is sometimes hard to find because Chase seems to be very selective with there distribution channels, but I always can find it when I need it. Take it from an ol glass trade vet, Vista Cleer is the best glass cleaner in the world.

  2. pcwiz... says:

    A friend of mine turned me on to a window cleaner made from vinegar and water. Doesn’t smell the greatest, not a good idea to wipe your eyes with the hand doing the window washing, however, it does do a number on the crap lodged on the inside of your windows!!!

    She used it on my rental truck windows which were foggy on the inside, and on the mirrors! No streaks or polish marks found, no after-smell either!

    If your expensive hard to find cleaner goes out of stock, youmight give this one a shot.

    I think it’s a tablespoon of vinegar to a 32 oz spray bottle of water…you might have to experiment with the dosage for best results!


  3. Images4Free by HaNi says:

    Very cheap ánd extemely good: warm water with plain hair-shampoo works like a charm!
    Just wash the windows and dry with that pull-thingy: leaves the windows without any stripes, no stains (if that’s the word – english is not my native language)etc.

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