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Q. I just started using a web based application to submit my payroll to our home office. Now, every time I print my emails from Outlook, “Payroll Statement” appears as a header and the date is printed as the footer on every page. I don’t see anything in Word or Outlook that is causing this. What’s going on?

A. Well, it took some digging on my part, but I solved it. Oddly enough, Outlook uses the Internet Explorer page setup when printing HTML mail. If you printed plain text email from Outlook, you probably would see a normal page. I bet your web based payroll application has inserted the header and footer into IE’s Page Setup properties. To fix the problem, in IE, go to File–>Page Setup. In the dialog box, you’ll see the Headers and Footers options in the middle. You can set these to just about anything you want, or leave them blank if you don’t want any headers or footers to print. IE’s Help is actually helpful on this subject. Go to Help–>Contents and Index then click the Search tab and enter the word “header” (without the quotes). Select “Change how a Web page looks when it prints” from the topics list.

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    Thanks for this it was extremely helpful. From Griffith University QLD Australia. 🙂

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