The New Asus Nexus 7


Recently I’ve bought the latest version of the Nexus 7 tablet by Asus. It’s been released in summer and it’s been a few months since it’s out on the market. From the outside it looks similar to the old Nexus 7 except for a few quirks. It’s got slightly bulkier edges and the dock pin connection is gone. Other than that it looks pretty much the same.

The computer itself is more powerful with a quad core processor and 2GB of memory. I’ve got the version with 32GB storage. It’s a very fast system and works snappy. Comparing it to other tablets on the market it’s one of the fastest, seeing most tablets still run on 2 core processors and 1GB memory.

As all Android systems (this Nexus 7 comes with the 4.3 version) it’s got the popular Google apps and of course you can download your favorite apps from the Google store.

Now back to the quirks, I’ve mentioned the new Nexus 7 being slightly bulkier and having no connection pins. That means the old docking station doesn’t work with the new device. Bummer! And there’s no new dock available yet, so if you want your tablet stationed on a desktop you’ll have to make use of those universal tablet cases/makeshift stands.

And one more quirk I’ll have to look into is that my device keeps resetting to default 50% sound volume at randoms moments which is an annoyance since I use it to play music a lot.

Other than that, it’s a great snappy little Android device.


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