Turn Your Geek Party Into an Event With "Anti-helium"


Every Geek worth the moniker has inhaled helium from a toy balloon and proceeded to amuse everyone with the cartoon-like high pitch of his voice. I’ve been doing it almost forever and especially now that I have grandchildren (six and one in the oven).

Now, there’s a new Geek inhalation toy: “anti-helium,” better known as sulfur hexaflouride. Jay Leno tried it and it’s a hoot. Check out this video. Very cool.

Now, I just need to find a source for sulfur hexaflouride so I can turn my geek party into an event.

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  1. Kay says:

    What will they come up with to keep us entertained. I’m glad I came across your “Anit-helium” article today! I watched the video and it made me laugh. Good start to my day!

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