Update 2008: How to make a bootable thumb drive virus scanner for NTFS


The original article and subsequent updates require a change of procedure. Avira, who acquired NTFS4DOS, apparently changed the installation procedure and included a new program to create a bootable floppy disk. If you use the program floppywz.exe to install NTFS4DOS to your thumb drive, you end up with a 1.44 MB thumb drive and cannot install F-prot.

DO NOT run floppywz.exe, but navigate to the installation directory: by default, C:\Program Files\Avira\NTFS4DOS and simply copy the NTFS4DOS to your thumb drive. Copy F-prot and then boot to your thumb drive. You’ll no longer see a startup menu, but just a DOS prompt. At the prompt, type "ntfs4dos" without the quotes and hit enter. Then, you can run F-prot.

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