Viruses Pwned by Panda antivirus


When I turned on my laptop this morning, I was greeted with a red X on the Panda icon in my system tray. When I clicked on it, the program informed me that my beta version would expire in 10 days and I should download the latest release (dated 6/30/2009, Version 0.08.82). I was ready for a sales pitch; I’m happy to say there wasn’t one. Apparently, CloudAntivirus is still free and will remain so (it’s also still in Beta).

If you missed my previous article on this nifty security tool, read Check out Panda’s Cloud Antivirus: It’s a Winner! Be sure to watch the video I have linked in that article, too. Besides just being cool, the video will give you a new viewpoint on emerging security technology in the Cloud. While you’re at it, this Panda Security video ad’s also worth a look. (Check out the threat characters – very catchy.): Viruses pwned by Panda Antivirus [HQ].

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