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Q. Some web pages I try to load are slow and give me a time out error. They used to load fine. I have moved the security settings to the lowest and to default. I’m running Windows 98 First Edition.

A. I suggest you upgrade your computer, since you’re not even running Windows 98 Second Edition. That is probably the main problem. It’s not your security settings; more likely it’s a problem with cached files. In Win98, when your Temporary Internet Files folder gets full, your pages won’t load properly. IE uses this folder as a cache to make pages load faster. In theory, most web pages don’t change very often, so once it’s downloaded and placed in cache, IE can simply compare the web page to the cached page and load whichever one is the newest. If the one in the cache is still current, IE loads that page. It’s much faster than transferring everything over the Internet. This works fine except that Windows makes the default size of the folder 10% of your hard drive. This is way too much; you don’t need more than 10MB.

To clean the excess files in IE, got to Tools–>Internet Options–>Delete Files. Then, go into the Settings and set “Check for newer versions of stored pages” to “Every visit to the page.” Finally, set the “Temporary Internet files folder” setting to 10MB. Then, defrag your hard drive and you should be good to go…K

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