What to Do If Your Computer is Infected with Sality Virus?


One of the nastiest computer viruses out there is the Sality virus, which is a virus that allows hackers to remotely access your computer, steal information, download additional viruses into your computer, and cause your computer to perform at a low level. If your computer is infected with this virus, you will notice that it runs slowly, has less available memory, and that you are being flooded with pop-up ads. This virus can also alter your desktop settings and Internet settings. It is important to eradicate this virus as soon as possible after you detect that it has invaded your system. Usually, the sality virus is downloaded via email.

To get rid of the sality virus, you will need to:

  • Click on the “start” menu.
  • Click “run”.
  • Enter the letters “CMD” into the box.
  • Click “OK”. This will cause a command prompt window to open.
  • Into the window of the command prompt, key in the following: “regsvr32 /u vcmgcd32.ddl”, then hit enter. Next, key in “regsvr32 /u oledsp32.dll”, and then hit enter. Once again, key in “regsvr32 /u sysdll.dll” and then hit enter. And finally, key in “regsvr32 /u syslib32.dll” and his enter. (Keep in mind you do not need to enter the quotation marks).
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete – all at the same time
  • Click “task manager” and then click on the tab designated “processes”
  • Find “Sality.U”, right click on it, and then click “end processes”
  • Run a scan with your anti-virus program
  • Restart your computer

While the steps above should help you to get rid of the sality virus from your computer once and for all, you should still update and run your computer’s anti-virus program. This can help to detect and also get rid of any trace files from the virus that you might have missed.

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