Who Else Wants to Lose Their Computers to Lightning This Year?


Last week, my friend Allison’s home was hit by lightning taking out her satellite TV dish, her TV, microwave, stereo, and both of her computers. She never thought it would happen to her. After all, her two PCs had been running fine and never had any problems. She would turn them off if storms approached, a good practice.

But, like most people, she had all her stuff plugged into those cheap power strips you can buy anywhere. Bad idea! Most of them have no protection against power surges and the ones that do wear out after a couple of years and should be replaced.

Based on the damage, it was easy to see that the satellite dish took the direct hit and the rest of the damage was caused by a surge in the power lines, so a proper surge suppressor might have saved her PCs.

Don’t let Mother Nature and the local utilities rob you of your computers; put proper surge protection in place. American Power Conversion makes some of the best surge and battery backup equipment going. I recommend them highly.

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  1. sometimes power strips can overheat specially if they are poorly designed;;-

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