Why Does My Computer Keep Making Loud Fan Noises?


A loud fan noise can indicate a number of causes, the majority of which are relatively easy fixes. The trick to diagnosing the noise is recognizing the type of use that might lead to heavy fan noise. The biggest indicator is that loud fans usually coincide with an overheating computer, which in itself can have different causes. Resolving the problem will help maximize the lifespan of the computer as well as solve the noisy fan problem for the user.

First, check the running processes on the computer by opening the Task Manager and navigating to the Processes tab. This can be accessed by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL on the keyboard, then select Open Task Manager. The processes can sort by size, which will easily show if anything is taking up more power than it should. System Idle Process will usually run near 100% normally, but no other process should take up that much of the CPU processing. Multiple programs running high when they should not be will cause the computer to overheat, which makes the fans kick into overdrive to compensate.

If none of the programs are taking up too much processing power, then chances are that the problem lies in the fan mechanism itself. Often, the inside of the computer will collect dust and debris if not cleaned regularly. Blasting dust out of the casing with a can of compressed air can help clear out and ventilate the computer, which will help the fan run more smoothly and prevent the computer from overheating because of trapped hot air. If the fan itself is not powerful enough to keep the computer cool, try adding an external fan source such as a USB cooling pad, which generally is a plastic lap desk that integrates fans into the bottom near the laptop vents.

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